trend: actors playing models

It seems the latest trend to hit the fashion world is actors play models. The highly anticipated Prada Menswear 2012 show in Milan, had the likes of movie stars Garry Oldman, Adrian Brody, Willem Dafoe and Tim Roth to strut their stuff. It seems actors gracing the catwalk are becoming more popular, designers such as Colcci has had Aston Kutcher and Dressed to Kilt has used Ed Westwick. Since the trend of actors modelling for the covers of magazines, it now seems actors are moving onto the catwalk.

Sharp suits and strong coats were the dominate choice of garment. The collection carried a regal theme throughout with accessories of army badges, fur collars and velvet trimmings. Only Adrian Brody donned a red double breasted coat. Overall, Miuccia Prada’s winter 2013 collection spoke of a man who was both mysterious and excentric and the clothes certainly played the leading role.



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