Ralph Lauren Flagship store opening

I have recently been looking though all my favourite videos on youtube and came across the 2010 opening of the Ralph Lauren Flagship store on 888 Madison Avenue. It was in celebration of ten years of digital innovation. It was a 4d experience fusing fashion, art and technology and was highly praised as this show seemed to have pushed the boundaries of fashion. However the show was heavily criticised for it’s cost and the fact that it will attract more rich tourism to an already busy street. Personally it seems that there are always designer stores popping up on the upper east side, especially in Madison Avenue and it is becoming more and more competitive to promote stores. This 4d extravaganza seems like a massive publicity stunt more then anything but it has fused art, fashion and technology together which I admire greatly. The display itself was a visual feast as the eye popping animation was dramatically beautiful. The 7 minute video sequence managed to promote all aspects of the heritage brand;fragrance, clothing, runway, sport an home wear. This in my opinion was very clever and technologically ground breaking.


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