Advanced online media session 2

Difference between cinema and tv

cienma: narrative, expectations

(think about your audience at all times)

look at google hangout clips

look at

overall think about your audience ad how they gather information

Slideshows – a way of doing a picture story – series of images with short captions, way of doing long lists

these can be misused by modern sites to generate views, buzzfeed has a policy of avoiding slideshows for its list features

audio slideshows still being produced – especially by photojournalists

The water dance is an example of audio and fashion slideshow for the New York times

Over todays session the focus was on audio slideshows. I leant that the voice of the slideshows is key. It must be engaging, as in emotive and clarity. ¬†The menswear Alexander McQueen¬†slideshow on the guardian online does build the suspense of backstage. However they failed at trying to create a narrative to the piece. The techniques of fading and dissolving the images together in my opinion looked ‘tacky’ and not clean cut like there other video stories. It would have also been suitable to include interviews with the models, stylists or make up artists (would last 3-5sec each) to achieve a more in depth piece that would be more attention grabbing. Lastly it would have been more affective to include the actual runway track instead of recording the show backstage, this would present a cleaner and sophisticated element to the slideshow, improving the quality.