Books and Photography

Notes from lecture…

1842- first photograph 

The language of photography has changed, as we have become more educated and understanding to art. 

Photograph is an idea not just something that witnesses an event 

Benjamin Stone- member of parliament, amateur photographer 

Pagan Rights – about food, sex and money

also recorded rural life in Briton 

Book: modern photojournalism origin and evolution, 1910-1933 by Tim N.Gidal

the ‘small’ (miniature) camera revolutionised photojournalism as it allowed photographers to take photos in different locations and was easier to transport 


1957- Robert Frank and Jack Caroline 

Robert Frank, swiss commercial photographer who moved to the US and collaborated with Walter Evans. During this time the racial segregation was at his highest. He travelled through the southern states to California then to New York to record ‘storytelling’ events. He was fundamental in the new way of photography, not recording events but narratively showed how an outsider into America felt.



Robert CapaDavid “Chim” SeymourHenri Cartier-BressonGeorge Rodger,William Vandivert, Rita Vandivert 

-all founding members 


Capa – was a recorder, photojournalist 

Valparaiso – Sergio Loreia

this book gives a sense of what Chili was like 

Tony Ray-Jones 

Falkland Road by Mary Ellen Mark – about the sex workers of Bombay, had to pay for access. The subject surrounded with sex, adds intrigue which will sell. 


Chris Killip – In Flagrante 

also photographed skin heads, sex pistols, youth of Briton

Dewi Lewis – good for research

Antoine d’Agata – new photographer, controversial takes drugs and sleeps with sex workers

In the shadow of things – about her mother who suffers from OCD





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