Slim Sticks, are they really a gastric band in a glass?

Being a woman obsessed with the newest fad diets or crazy exercise regimes, I came across this new product Slim Sticks. As it claims to be ‘the simple way to lose weight’ I though I would take a closer look and see if I would give it a go for my individual project idea.

Slim Sticks have become the newest ‘miracle’ drink to make you shed the weight. Slim sticks are a dissolvable sachet you simply add to water, which experts claim is a ‘revolutionary’ way to aid weightless


The way it works is that due to the drinks hunger bursting properties it make you feel full and kills food cravings. The 40 calories drink contains newest crazed ingredient, Konjac. The supplement, Konjac is designed to expand the stomach, instantly creating the feeling of fullness. It has been reported that Sticks are being used as a last attempt for dieters before they get surgery.

Konjac is a natural ingredient derived from the native Asian plant palm oil. The supplement makes you feel fuller for longer, the 3 hours after the palm oil kicks in, this makes the brain thinks there is fat to digest, preventing hunger signals to the brain.

But, is this just another fad for dieters? Personal trainer and nutritionist to the stars Jenny Dawes says ‘This is just another high fibre “quick fix” product which claims to make the stomach feel full quickly.’ Due to Konjac being a fibre, it has a laxative effect and also is believed to have the ability to absorb cholesterol and glucose.

With most quick fix products we must be aware of the long term effects of this supplement. Slim Sticks have only been recently released for sale, so I would be wary to try a product like this.

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