Top 5 FAD diets

In my battle to shed weight quickly I have researched what seems hundreds of diets, and here are my top 5 fad diets. The have been chosen for being the most crazy, effective and the best quick fix.

1.The 13 day Danish diet

This is one of the craziest diets I have ever heard off. The diet itself consists of lettuce, spinach, coffee, boiled eggs and water to curb cravings. The rule is if you break any of the rules you have to immediately stop and wait 6 months to try it again. It is designed to increase your metabolism and is has been (loosely) claimed to make you loose up to 22 pounds. This diet in my opinion is a way to starve yourself and I can imagine after the fifth day I will be devouring a chocolate bar.

2. Maple Syrup Diet

Favoured by Beyonce this diet claims that you can loose a stone in a fortnight. The concoction consists of syrup mixed with lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper. You don’t eat anything for 2 weeks and can only drink this and water. This in my opinion would work, but you starve yourself and you’ll bound to gain the weight back once you start eating solids again. You have 2-3 of this syrup cocktail each day and the weight is simply meant to melt away.

3. Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet only last for 7 days, more manageable then some other diets. I have tried this diet last year and it worked, but I gained the weight straight back. The cabbage soup flushes everything, and I mean everything, out of your system. All you can have is cabbage, carrots, leafy greens, cranberry juice and water. On some days you are allowed a small salmon steak or beef steak so this fad diet is easier to tackle then some other ones. I learnt that to make the soups more flavoursome I use vegetable stock cubes to boil my cabbage in.

4. 3 Day Diet

Dieters have claimed they have lost 5-8 pounds in just 3 days. The menu consists 3 set meals, relatively all salad based but all meals in really small portions. You are even allowed a scoop of ice cream! This diet does seem to good to be true but I am very tempted to give this one a go. The most attractive part of the diet is that it only last 3 days.

5. Negative Calorie Diet 

This was the big Hollywood diet last year. The diet consists of Fibrous complex carbohydrates, basically green vegetables. Some green vegetables like celery, broccoli, asparagus and courgettes take more of your bodies energy to digest. For example a stick of celery is 5 cal and it takes 95 cal for your body to digest it, this means negative calories. the way the diet works is that fibrous vegetables fill you up, so by consuming low calories belly filling foods it will cause weight loss rapidly.


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