Diets Diets Diets Everywhere

dangers of fad diets

Half Human Half Dietitian

Remember a few posts ago how I went on about words I don’t like- well DIET is one of them. Even though the origin of the word diet indicates that of a lifestyle… the term diet now more or less refers to a quick fix that is annoyingly restrictive. Results will be seen, weight will be lost, then weight will be gained.

Obviously if there was no desire for individuals to lose weight my job might be threatened…. However there is a way to go about losing weight, maintaining that loss… and it’s by making changes that you legitimately think you can continue with for an indefinite amount of time.

So here is the dumb-dumb’s guide to not getting sucked into a fad diet- by asking yourself the following questions?

1.) “Do I need to buy a book to “follow” this diet?”

-This is red flag numero uno. If it…

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