From kale to kiwi…. celebrating green superfoods in our diet for St. Patrick’s Day!

this got my in the mood for St. Patricks day, normally a day we don’t associate with healthy eating or drinking…

Lo Cal Living

What better day is there for celebrating green food than St. Patrick’s day?! I know, for many people the day is spent consuming artificially colored green beer, green eggs and shamrock shakes. But it’s also a great excuse to celebrate all of the naturally green super foods we have available! These foods are commonly associated with plant-based diets, vegetarian diets and raw food diets.

For those of you who fear this food takes too much time, is too expensive, or don’t know how to prepare it are in for a treat. The Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post shared a quick guide to healthy green foods as a St. Patrick’s Day special for all of us 🙂

The color green is commonly associated with nature, freshness, and healing. The green superfood guide slide show uses large vibrant images of green foods including kiwi, basil, kale, and green…

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