FAD diets with FitnessTV director Charlie Louise


Director of Sky channel FitnessTV, Charlie Louise in an exclusive interview. She talks about her personal experience with FAD diets and what she thinks is needed to achieve healthy weight loss.

Q: Why do you think people are drawn to FAD diets?

A: For the majority of people it is due to the media. FAD diets are labeled quick fixes. The idea of changing your body shape in a space of a week or less is unachievable. A lifestyle change is the only way you will maintain your weight loss, and you’ll end up loosing more weight by changing your lifestyle diet. Celebrities who publicly announce what fad diet they do is also detrimental to the health/fitness industry, it is irresponsible for their fans to hear this as they might try to emulate this unhealthy diet.

Q: Being a leading figure of a TV channel, do you think it’s important to use celebrities who haven’t been reported to use FAD diets or who don’t look healthy?

A: We have a huge responsibility. We recently had a new yoga series to be aired on the channel from the states, but during the last checks, I noticed the instructor was petite but was very skinny. This is was no no for me and we immediately cancelled the show. We have a huge responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle to our customers and audience. We promoted Kim Kardashian’s latest product. She has also photographed going to the gym and she is an advocate for eating a balanced diet. Her curvy figure has always been celebrated and we are over the moon to promote her to our channel.

A: Have you ever tried FAD diets before?

Q: Yes I have tried loads; The Atkins, 2 weeks and 5 days diet. I mean I’m a woman at the end of the day, I have body hang ups and I’m in my twenties, so I feel the pressure. I do take part in FAD diets, as in a form of research but when I have tried them the weight doesn’t stay off and I have got ill because of it.

Q: Since you have tired FAD diets, do you have any funny stories from doing any of them?

A: The worst diet I did was the Atkins. It was great that I could eat cheese and meat as much as I want, but I passed wind a lot. This was not suitable for when I had business meetings. I would never do that diet again.

Q: Your channel promotes food supplements, healthy foods and fitness products. Do you think diet is a huge part of loosing weight or exercise?

A: They are both the same in importance. The combination of the two is a personal thing that is a different balance for everyone. We have a new product we are promoting Raw Food: The healthy lifestyle. Working out is part of loosing weight, but our diet and our relationship with food of high importance personally.

Q: Do you think FAD diets are dangerous?

A: Yes, I do. The idea of a quick fix sounds appealing but the internal effects of FAD diets are detrimental to our health. However I do think detox’s are a healthy way to cleanse and our body. Celebrities use detox’s before events in a way to loose weight, but the idea of a detox is to get rid of the toxins in your body and improve your skin. Weight loss does occur but this is healthy and makes you feel rejuvenated.

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