Overall I think I achieved the brief for the audio assessment. In my interview with Niall Cotrell I thought I edited the sequence well as it flowed without any breaks.However at one part the audio (1:40sec) was slightly jagged. I could have rectified this by re recording that question but due to time constraints I could not do so. I also learnt for future I should not record in a room that echoes as it makes the audio slightly unclear when playing back. During the end of February was London Fashion Week when my audio interview with Niall about the Burberry Prorsum spring summer 2012 was posted, this made it current newsworthy story as people would be blogging, posting and searching about the show- this fulfilled the brief.

In my last audio piece ‘What are the students of Westminster’s favourite item of clothing?‘ I explored what the students of Westminster favourite item of clothing is. Editing the numerous box pops and interweaving them with backing music definitely was a challenged for me as it took me a while to get used to the editing equipment. I also found that our zoom kit was very temperamental which did make interview recording a slight challenge.However I would say that this pieces lacks it news relevance as my piece was not a current choice of topic in media, but it is relevant to the students of Westminster. I also used Crystal Castles music for the backing track, this would bring up an issue of copyright. But I used this music as i thought it evoked the trendy, current and youth of fashion in Westminster campus.

Through out the audio assessments I have least how to use audacity and upload aduios files to blogs which will be very useful for future projects and for my other blogs that I run. I have also learnt how to use zoom kits, which will be useful for interviewing or recording other audio pieces for other projects.


My aim for these video pieces was to explore whether achieving size zero is still a strong trend agmonst the youth of today. My other aim was to post a video diary exploring my views on size zero and to reflect on my finding during the recording process.

My topic of choice I thought was quite a newsworthy topic, as the size zero debate has been around for a decade but got in the media headlines around 2005. I thought it would be interesting to revisit the current state of the trend and see what the average youth would say about it. My video was primarily focused on the women’s point of view as when I interviewed the men they didn’t seem affected by the subject, which wouldn’t of been sufficient content to put into my piece.

During my project I learnt how to use final cut pro, which at first I found very complicated but soon I was able to edit on a standard level. This will help me with future projects and for future videos I many record for my personal blog.I though my video atheistically looked professional as I used text to name the write the profession of each interviewer on the video and thought the piece flowed well as each sequence was well edited together.

To improve my piece I would of preferably interviewed not just students but people in the fashion industry such as models, model agents, designers or an editor of a magazine. This would of given a wider, more objective opinion rather then people in Harrow. It would of also given credibility to my video piece which I would of ideally liked.


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